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A Primeira Chama

Escrito 22/05/21 04:24

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Se existe algo a ser lembrado, é isso:

... o Fogo acaba.

E não há nada mais puro e inevitável do que

um mundo de volta à escuridão.

O futuro é escuro, mas nem sempre foi assim.

De volta a quando existia uma chama...

O herói desce até o forno da Primeira Chama.

Seu Deus é só um casco, general das cinzas,

sem glória, sem poder, sem família.

E mesmo sem nada, ele sacrifica sua vida contra a Escuridão.

E seu corpo é pura Luz.


The Linking of the Fire, pt 3.

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And so we were Three

And with us walked the Abyss

Light, Fire, Death, and...


So, we hid among the rocks.

War of End, spew at every spit.

Sacred sought missiles down. with might and awe

Dragon scale, ancient, hidden down the pit.

Artorias kept the mission

One knight, hand on sword and shield,

and no words.

His brother Sif, a wolf,

it was all he could protect.

Deep, deep....

Where Manus heldt, no Light shall yield.

(Local: Anor Londo, data: ??? , encantamento do portal da Floresta de Aço)

Cerco à cidade de Oolacile

Última atualização: ????


The Linking of the Fire, pt 2

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Knock knock.


'You have to say 'Who's there?"

"Who's there?"


He never got to hear the end of it.

To whom it may concern, he was a postman, or rifleman.

Not really so different than

You or I in the field,

I mean.

Enter the Albino Duke among pedestals


Big Dragon made of Crystals.

I can't blame 'im, he's a charm.

We become Dark, and none shall pass

To the change of history that will bring,

Let's be honest, it ain't harvest.

It ain't haverst, it ain't haverst.

But it will come.

Madness deepest.

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The Linking of the Fire, pt 1

Escrito 22/05/21 03:31

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Of eons past, my dear

We grow old and

"What is it? Fear?"

It sounds the Orellee

And a beat or two, and the

Spider queen is...


We push forward, 'cross the chasm.

Quite bereft, Paul the Bard.

Will make it true, that as we fight

It does not matter, try as I might.

Three powerful Souls came from the dark.

The first of the Dead, named us so

And so we hold, as days grow cold.

The Second was claimed, by witches of Gwyn.

Forbiden magic, Izalith within.

As the Flame does fade,

And Myths shall win.

It's Dark, it's Dark, is all I hear

But a plea for help, from Artorias

Who walks the Abyss.

Unpus your hand, and here's your shield.

Artorias, you're kinda, sorta...

Like me...

Tags: fantasia, cosmo, ficção, dark souls

Occupational hazard

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I'm learning all about

The world inside our eyes.

All vision, all thought.

All and all and everything.

Is just your smile in my reach.

The thought of touching it

And I am King.

Is all I need, thus believe

Nightmares, Pain, the End of Time...

There ain't nothing in this mother fucking world I won't punch and make cry

Just to have Your worst dreams tangle with mine.

We felt so lost,

So cut off.

So alone.

Only, We're not.

Because, you see.

The one thing I've found that

makes the emptiness bearable.

is Each Other.

I still have so many questions.

Do We get to be together forever?

As many times as We want?

And 'tis only the First Step.

I want 'em to see it too

And cry, HOPE HOPE HOPE like I did, but

"Small moves", they said.

"Small moves, Spark", God said.

I love You, I said.

Now I find respite, and

Once upon a time, I'm young again and can

Always meet this beautiful girl

By the lake, and then

... perhaps, feel Whole again.

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