Diário de Hlodyn


Escrito 28/03/18 23:37

Editado 2018-03-28 23:37:58

Leaving the choirs behind to sing

Of anything fair

Of lilac spring

A dream of truce behind my eyes

A life of journeys will unwind

Emerge through idle air

Born under a troubled sign

Will it hurt to see me find

The long lost peace of mind


You had me here for a while

It breaks my heart to see you cry

In the wake of incomplete time

Darkness overthrows

Map of nowhere is in my hand

The roads are blurred

Sojourners land

So take however long you want

But don't forget my love

You've pledged yourself to come along

You're lost in reveries

Holding back the tears

Faint sound of the wires

The butterfly is in the fire now

Lost in a memory you're holding my hands

One heart is in the ground

The other is veiled in silver all around

Tags: musica, katatonia, doom metal